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Please find below a selection of user guides suitable for use as posters, and instructions for use to help with user training and support. There is a little space at the bottom of each poster for a short personalised message.

Healthcare/Examination Glove Selection Guides

Exam Gloves All Policy User Guide

Exam Gloves Latex Free Policy User Guide

Exam Gloves Nitrile Only Policy User Guide

Woundcare User Guides

Bandages User Guide

Surgical Tapes User Guide

Triangular Bandage Sling User Guide

365 IV Dressings User Guide (36590046)

365 Foam Instructions For Use

365 Silicone Foam Instructions For Use

365 Super Absorbent Dressings Instructions For Use

Respirators User Guides

Respirators User Guide

Procedure Packs User Guides

Polyfield Dressing Aid User Guide

Woundcare Pack II User Guide

Bone Marrow Collection Packs

Sharps Management User Guides

Disgard Sharps Pad User Guide

Sharps Protecta Pad User Guide

Sharps Safety Box User Guide

Disinfection & Sterilisation Products User Guides

Perasafe Instrument Sterilant Powder User Guide

Virkon Disinfectant Tablets User Guide

Mid-Stream Urine Collection Kits User Guides

Midstream Urine Collection Kits User Guide


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