Non Sterile Gauze Swabs 8 Ply White (5 x 5 cm)


    • Size: 5 x 5 cm
    • Ply: 8
    • Colour: White
    • Non Sterile. Bulk packed in paper wrap packs.
    • Made from 100% cotton gauze type 13 and manufactured to BP/EN 14079 standards.
    • The swabs are soft, strong and highly absorbent. They are designed for use during non-invasive procedures. For example skin cleansing, wound padding and protection, absorbing blood and exudate, secondary wound dressings, etc.
    • Single Use.
    • Latex Free.
    • Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.

    Product Specification
    Brand Premier
    Colour White
    GS1 Barcode Inner Pack 05056003411003
    GS1 Barcode Outer Case 05056003411010
    Latex Latex Free
    Sterile Non Sterile
    Swab Length 5 cm
    Swab Material Cotton Gauze Type 13
    Swab Ply 8
    Swab Size 5 x 5 cm
    Swab Width 5 cm
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