Non Sterile XRD Throat Pack Swabs Green (10 x 180cm)


• Size: 10 x 180 cm
• Ply: 4
• Colour: Green
• Other: Tapes Attached.
• Non Sterile. Bulk packed in polythene packs.
Latex Free.
Made from 100% cotton gauze type 13 and manufactured to BP/EN 14079 standards.
• Premier Detectors swabs are soft, strong and highly absorbent. They are designed for anaesthetic use.
• Premier Detectors x-ray detectable swabs have a 60-62% barium sulphate content (exceeding EU Standards) giving maximum visibility on all commonly used x-ray devices.
• For patient safety, the x-ray detectable strips are securely attached using heat and pressure providing consistent adherence throughout the body of the gauze.
• Premier Detectors x-ray detectable throat packs with tapes are made using a dense and consistent stitch pattern with the tape end embedded 5 cm into the swab, giving a strong and secure tape-to-swab attachment.
• All throat packs are rolled with their tapes folded inside, but visible on the outer, for speedy checking and counting prior to use with minimal swab handling.
• Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.

Product Specification
Brand Premier
Colour Green
GS1 Barcode Inner Pack 05056003409895
GS1 Barcode Outer Case 05056003409901
Latex Latex Free
Sterile Non Sterile
Stitched Swab Stitched Edge
Swab Length 180 cm
Swab Material Cotton Gauze Type 13
Swab Size 10 x 180 cm
Swab Width 10 cm
Taped Swab Taped
X-Ray Detectable X-Ray Detectable
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